Friday, 22 May 2009

Ugh. Poorly again.

I am really battling with it again. Saw the doc twice this week... at first as was a mere head cold on Monday. Hubby had it too, but after 3 days was right as rain. Not me though. The last 2 nights I've had high fevers, cannot eat, am coughing loads.

So back to doctor this am. Don't want to end up in hospital again!

Now I have a full-blown chest infection so am on bally antibiotics again, on steroid tablets (grrrr they put about 1kg on me each day!), excema cream (which flares up when body in distress), got more inhalers etc. that I needed. She nebulised me too which helped with the wheeze, although chest still incredibly tight.

Thankfully I chose a good week to get ill as 4 of my 6 mindees are on holiday! So I only had to concern myself with 2.

I am very good with my daily inhalers and generally it's fine... but then now and again have a relapse. With the head cold it was fine to mind (I look after kids who have colds, no prob), but then as I felt that becoming a chest infection I stopped care. I could plod on, take it easy with the kids, as I know it's difficult for parents to take time off work... but I offer a service with high care and I would be acting irresponsibly were I to soldier on I believe, especially where my breathing is concerned. An attack comes on very quickly too.

What do other CMs with chronic asthma do? How bad to you get with your asthma before stopping providing care?

I put this question to some CM coleagues, and these were their responses:

'I do feel incredibly guilty taking time of work for any reason - I am only minding part-time and so it only really affected my other part-time job. You will be off work longer if you try to soldier on and possibly end up back in hosp which will be much worse for you and the parents/children. You are doing the right thing as your health is very important.'

'Parents won't give a hoot if the level of care slips a bit or you go on less outings than usual or you take it a bit easier... so stop worrying about that!!

It really is down to how you are feeling and whether you're best carrying on so that you have something to take your mind of the asthma... or if you're best stopping to get yourself better.'

Their responses have made me feel better. I do hate being off sick... have only had 4 days off in 2 years which isnt too bad, especially considering I have a chronic condition. But was good to hear what the girls had to say.

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