Sunday, 10 May 2009

They're signing!

I received their all-important email, with my new prospective client wanting to sign contracts, for me to childmind their little baby of 3 months old!!!

It's so difficult sometimes, not being able to read someone. I honestly never knew which way it would go with this couple.

She was warm, chatty and friendly, asking loads of questions with ease.

He was cooler, also asked loads of questions, complimented me on my website and portfolio etc. ... but there wasn't that *connection* made with him, as it was with his wife. I felt he was eyeing me out too much.

I felt on the spot!

Phew. So that's that then.

Goes to show one never knows the impression you've made with someone, when someone is more guarded.


  1. Awesome....and now a new journey begins with more precious little ones.

  2. Yes... as sad as it is when the bigger kids leave for school... as lovely it is to have new babies enter and we get to know eachother from scratch again :)