Friday, 1 August 2008

Trains station feedback!

Things were rather hectic, and everyone was fine with everything (the comings and goings... kids were extra excited too with all the activity), thanks!

Had three sets of parents fetch their kids... two sets of prospective parents come and go (asking the usual loads of questions), my sil and hubby all arrive in the space of 2 hours... Then the gas man arrives (with the name Mohammed Ali I might add!), amidst all this!!!

I was straight with sil and asked whether she minded being in the playroom tinkering on the internet whilst I gave parents the tour and then chatted with them in the lounge. She was fine with this!

Hubby came home and they both went for a long walk in the common, by the time they got back, the last parent had left and I had tidied up and put the pork chops on

My dilemma is both sets of parents now want the vacancies but I can only take one... I wish I could help all, but naturally cannot. Now have to make a choice... although I feel the first should have priority as I saw her the day before.. BUT she only wants 2 days, the second parent wants 3 days.. so financially the 2nd is the better option for me, but in fairness.. the 1st should be...

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