Saturday, 2 August 2008

Which to choose?

First child will be 11 months when she starts... not ideal as will have a very new 1 year old when she starts.. and she wants 2 days only. Is a very sweet little girl though, full of smiles.. could easily fit in.

Second child will be 16 months when she starts, wants 3 days... more ideal age-wise. She is an adopted child and this comes with an extra responsibility... because some behaviour she might have could be attributed to her background, not her age etc. So she told me that she'd like me to do loads of reading up on adopted kids etc... irony is I already have been as hubby and I have been thinking of adopting ourselves, as we recently found out we most likely cannot have our own kids due to hubby's bad case of mumps as a child

This in itself has been a big hurdle emotionally for us to get our heads around (not having our own kiddy), we are dying to be parents... and we are both keen to give a child who has come into this world at a huge disadvantage, a loving and secure home and upbringing. So... my heart goes out to the adopted child more, even though I can see she might be a little bit of a handful tbh.

I just want to do the right thing though... the money actually doesn't even come into it for me... it's more important to me that I am the right minder for the child at this time in their little lives. I get on with both folks well.

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