Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Just moi

Born in Cape Town, I moved to Johannesburg when I was two. There I remained till I was 21, and, newly qualified as a graphic designer, I turned to Cape Town to start my design business. I stayed there for 7 years until our emigration in 2002. And here in London we still are!

I have 3 siblings, an older sister and 2 younger brothers. Both brothers are married, and have 2 children each (so far!) 2 little nieces and 2 little nephews. They live in Johannesburg and North Carolina. My lovely sister lives about 7 minutes from me, in Barnes, London. Mum lives in Joburg.

I love the warm caress of the rays of the sun, the fresh smell after a gentle rainfall, the magical touch of snow, the clear twinkling of the stars over the Bushveld in South Africa, the radiance of the colours in a rainbow, and the wailing of the wind.

I love nature, and I love people. From the little old lady, clutching her grandchild's birthday gift, patiently sitting at the bus stop; to the burly man with a moustache, father of four, selling fresh fruit at the street corner; to the grey-haired millionaire sitting in his unlived mansion, all alone and not particularly happy. I love family, and think the family unit and marriage are not taken seriously enough today. Broken and incomplete homes account for much of the breakdown in society today I feel. I have never had a dad, but my mum (bless her) successfully brought up four good (great!!!) kids.

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