Thursday, 21 August 2008


We take little bus trips into the local Wimbledon Village and Putney (5 mins by car either way), and visit toy shops, on our own and with our play date friends. We will soon be visiting a toddler group that opens in September on a Wednesday.

We can go to Eddie Katz, but I need to have all parents agree to this on any given day. We have such an active day already, I have most mums prefer taking their children on their days with their kids. The same applies to ballet/swimming/other paid-for activities.

Parents are aware of our movements every single day, and I have all the necessary permissions in place from parents for outings on the bus etc.

I put 'If I am lost' wristbands on the children when we go on outings. On the rear is my mobile number. Rest assured the children are always close to me and never out of my sight, but this is an added precaution!

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