Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Trains station!

I feel like my home will be a crazy trains station this afternoon.. is is at the best of times, but timing this avy will be interesting!!!

I saw parents last night who need care for 2 days... they asked when I'd need an answer by and I said I didn't want to apply pressure, but I was seeing someone else today and she is needing the same days and 1 extra, and that I would take first come, first serve... they then phoned me when they'd got home (obviously had a good natter about me in the car! ) and the mum would like to spend this avy with me so she can see how her child is with the others. No prob, she is welcome... but she needs to leave by 4pm when the next prospective parent arrives with her little one... and then my sil from Kent is coming at 5pm to spend the night (last minute arrangement.. what do I do with her whilst I am interviewing/being interviewed by prospective parent? The kids don't know her at all either)... so I need to find time to cook tea for the kids and the pork chops for her and hubby and me, plau hostess to sil, take care of new parents questions, oh, and look after teh childminded kids too

I just told hubby... 'Please get home asap tonight!'
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