Monday, 11 August 2008

Mum's coming to town!

One of my parents told me her mum's coming to stay for 6 weeks, and told her she could save on 6 weeks worth of childcare costs as she'll look after her grand-daughter (11 months) for the 6 weeks!

The mother mentioned this to me, saying she doesn't want to lose her place with me though, just asked whether I was open to the idea... of course I said I couldn't do that... I also let her know later in the conversation I have a couple kids on my waiting list... which is true.

Hmmm.. I feel bad as nana is available and keen, but then I am running a business. I hope I don't get daggers from the nana either when she comes to collect her etc too. Like I am taking her time away from her granddaughter.

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