Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I got quite a shock today!!!

Last month I had my inspection and a variance was granted. I could have an extra child per day... I filled this space immed, and sent through a grid with ages, dates and names on. All fine I was told on a follow up call.

The inspector phones me today to discuss her dissertation... and we were nattering about the kids and I mentioned the 2 new kids starting (on differing days)... and she asked their ages... and basically, she told me I was given incorrect info I can look after 1 extra child under 5 on the day I initially asked for (sibling), but the other days I could have an extra child, but that child had to be 5-8 years!

I have had to phone the parent who starts next month and say I have to give her retainer back and apologise profusely. She is not at all happy but at least she understands. Thankfully I have been in touch with a fellow forumite who lives locally and she has a vacancy and can offer her the space needed! Phew!!!

I am just amazed how the one hand doesn't know what the other does.. and the inspector has to go in and change my incorrectly input details on the system now. At least the little girl hadn't started with me yet, so she won't have to re-settle again. Thank goodness she phoned me today too, I would have been working illegally without knowing it!

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