Friday, 18 July 2008

I was so embarressed this morning!

I blubbed at the dentist today. I had a filling done, my wisdom tooth chipped yesterday whilst eating. The dentist, bless him, was so concerned, asking if I was hurt and what had he done wrong! The thing is, he had done nothing wrong. It was just me.

3 years ago I had a tooth chip when eating food (a pattern it seems, the wisdom on the other side of the mouth, also lower jaw!). I have always had excellent teeth, and had the same dentist in Joburg all my life, was never concerned visiting the dentist, till I went to an NHS dentist in London, for said chipped tooth.

Instead of giving me a filling after numbing me... she yanked it out SANS numbing me. I was in agony, clenching the sides of the chair etc. She just kept saying 'it'll be over soon, do not worry'. Very uncaring and matter-of-fact. She made me feel so stupid too for getting upset re the pain :(

I immediately looked for another (private!) dentist and found a wonderful South African one in Wimbledon. He is such a super man, gentle and caring.. yes, he charges more, but he does a proper job, and is in the business to SAVE teeth! I went to him for a check up last year and all was fine.

Then I went this am to sort out chipped tooth, and started crying on the chair. What a woes hey. I was shaking for half an hour after too. He was so caring and chatted about what he was doing to calm me. I told him about my previous traumatic experience.

He said he used to do NHS work but felt he wasn't giving his patients the right treatment and care as he was supposed to only use certain (cheaper) materials etc. and yanking a tooth out is cheaper than treating it.

So £104 later, emptier pocket but calmer me! :)

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