Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My inspection bits and bobs

So I had my first grading inspection on Tuesday.. and was bowled over to be graded *outstanding*!!! I know the parents and kids are happy with everything, but I never expected that grading. It has given me extra confidence... and lets me know that all those late nights and weekends spent planning, assessing etc. etc. were not for nought

It started off in typical fashion... my little boy has not made a poo in his pants for 6 weeks.. and decides to do one JUST AS THE BUZZER rang.. the inspector! hehe.. so her 'hellos' to the kids were in the bathroom. She obviously is super with kids and they warmed to her immediately. She signed my Visitor Book at the door.

A few things stood out...

She was impressed E (turns 3 next month) knew the fire drill well, and through the morning answered questions with her prompting - about what fruit I give him, what colour etc. She was clever in the way she asked him questions to find out if I did the things I say I do in my portfolio. She said she picks up very quickly if someone has put something out just for the inspection... and she could see the kids were happy and familiar with everything. My 1 year old knew what snails etc were... yay!

I did a colouring activity using a variety of media... and then we brought in the wire duck from outside and 'pruned' it and watered it. She LOVED this. It is a wire duck in a flower pot from B&Q, with a shrub growing inside.. and you prune it so the shrub will be in the shape of a duck. It was a hot day and the duck was thirsty so we had to water it of course.

She loved the fact it mirrored our theme this month (farm animals), plus I was bringing the outside in. I do not have my own garden, so think this is quite important for the kids. We do have a large, mature communal garden which we love playing in. (Hubby is reading this over my shoulder and I do feel I should mention it was HIS idea to get the duck when we were lavender at B&Q)

When it was time for a snack E said 'Can I have an aeroplane again?' I explained to her that the day before, I had given him his grapes in a bowl and they had fallen in the shape of an aeroplane... he saw this, not me.. and it was not deliberate, it was his super little imagination He then bit a grape on the side and said 'I have just eaten a wing!' haha.

So I made up a bowl of carrots and grapes and this time cheated a bit, winking at her... and placed the grapes in the shape of an aeroplane... his eyes lit up The inspector loved this.

Little K had put her 'babies' (the dolls) to bed with a blanket over them and she commented on this too. She loved the big beaded necklace K was wearing and liked the fact I make jewellery and get the kids involved in making pieces too.

I did the home boxes at the front door, and put the kids labelled suncream, hats, individual artwork etc. in them.

I have made a start on my EYFS observations and she loved what I have done so far and gave some helpful pointers. She said planning and assessments were great. (They are BIG on their admin!). She checked that all the attendance register/permission slips etc. were signed.

She had a good look around everywhere except the main bedroom (the bed WAS made in case she should venture in!) and did not ask to see my first aid kit.

She commented on the lightness of the rooms, lack of smell, and that I had used the interior space well.

Loads more thinking about it, but that's a few things!
Keen to see her report!

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