Monday, 3 September 2007

Started Christmas shopping!

This weekend didnt really turn out as expected... had a lovely day with sister, did some shopping (started Christmas shopping!), saw a movie.. Bourne Ultimatum.. it was realy very good, if not a tad unbelievable at times! But this is usually how these action movies are.

Sunday went topsy turvy and we ended up not going to church. Spent the rest of the day relaxing. Lance worked on Saturday so enjoyed the time to ourselves.

Mum hasnt been well (has a chest infection)... she amazes me, doesnt complain at all.. I have to hear about this from my sister!

Well the kids start tomorrow. All so different with their personalities, some far more challenging than others. Some content, some whingey. I guess we as adults also are so different and have good days and bad.

The playroom is really looking great, Lance and I reshuffled things around... look spacious and fun!

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