Friday, 31 August 2007

Stranded in the pub!

A VT pal Diana organised a meeting at The White Cross pub in Richmond on the day the tide is the highest in a year! We have been together for this once before, when Joy (from Kaapstad!) visited too :)

There were quite a few VTers and the water came in... luckily we were up on the balcony so could watch below what happened as people realised the waters were lapping at their feet! haha

Kids were swimming in it (brrr)... and people had fun.

The kids settling in went well this week and one child officially started on Thursday. From Monday it is all systems go for all kids starting now!!! Judy and I are going out now to get another travel cot (I have reserved a Winnie the Pooh one), and going to see a movie too. Should be fun!

I freelanced one day this week too, was lovely to see the design team... they are such a lovely bunch of people!!! Atmosphere and ethos is SO different to Freeman's... so much healthier and more pleasant. I do love it there, and am so glad to have the opportunity to be working form home with kiddies four days a week, and then with the design team on one day :)

Last night (afer the afternoon meet), I babysat for a couple in Putney, she is a doctor, not sure what he does, but what a lovely couple! They are hoping to make this an ongoing arrangement. Wont be easy for me, working a long day (from 7am to 7pm), then off to them by 8pm to babysit, but will be good for the pocket.

Lance is at work poor thing. I'll be thinking of him as I munch on my popcorn ;)

Oh, it's officially the first day of spring in South Africa today!!! The blossoms must be lovely :)

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