Saturday, 15 September 2007

Judy's birthday dinner!

Well, the end of another week!

The childminding went very well... am bonding well with the kiddies and getting into a good routine with them. My home is well geared for kids of this age and the garden is a godsend!

Yesterday I freelanced and this was lovely (as per usual) except for the travelling... 4 hours of it. I headed to Judy's afterwards (the birthday girl!), and we had a wonderful evening at The Tapestry, a restaurant in Mortlake. My starter was an avocado crab mix, and my main was leg of lamb, with salad, fig and potato. WOW, what deleicious food and BIG helpings!!! Which meant... no pudding grrrr and they look fabulous!

Debs had told the waiter it was Judy's birthday and they brought her a chocolate brownie with ice cream, and a sugar puff design thing with a candle on it... haha. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!

So??? I have decided we will come here for our wedding anniversary in October :)) And I will have a main and dessert this time, skipping the starter... just cannot fit it all in!

After the meal we went back to Debs place and watched the recorded rugby... where South Africa beat England 36-0!!!

We knew the score as we had been getting smses/texts all night hehe.. but Judy and others never knew... so we were knackered, full and happy. What a lovely night out! Great bunch of girls.

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