Sunday, 16 September 2007

The virtual world

It can be a friendly place sometimes, and I have loved playing a part in it for the last few years... have met some wonderful people etc. But I have had enough of my travel site for the time being. I would like to still write travel pages on it for myself and to help others, will contribute to the travel forums when I get a chance, and will still enjoy the social side of it... but the miscellaneous forum they have there is a no no now. A lot of it is about trust.. and there have been SIXTEEN deletions there since 31 August. I dont see how they are deemed warranted, the people who do the deltions say they are, and the deletees say they arent.

Two VERY different tales about the same conversation/email. All very confusing, irritating and sad. Who to believe? So, for the meantime, I will take a breather from all things online.

I have plenty of things going on in my own life currently, to have to warrant worrying and stressing as I have done for the last couple of weeks. Yes, the tests came back inconclusive so off I go in a few weeks for another test. The other tests I am having done start on the 25th. Fun and games. Not.

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