Monday, 24 September 2007

A difficult one

This past week hasnt been easy. No, the kids were great, even my most challenging little one is changing... behaving more, listening and responding. Amazing what consistency and firm love do :)

No, the frustrating thing was someone whom I know... a long standing friend.

He has always been a difficult person to get along with, is arrogant (thinks he's god's gift to woman, thinks he's the best artist/cook etc. in the world), selfish (lives in his own little bubble.. and is only concerned it seems, with whatever affects him... not those around him)... and complains so much! I even mentioned this to him (after the umpteenth complaint re something in my home - which I find rude being the host - and his response was 'it isnt a complaint, merely an observation'.

Grrr... he always feels the need to make negative observations/complaints. Always at others' expense too. and gets so defensive when anyone has any compaint against him!

But there's a lot more than this. He went out Friday night, knowing we would have to wait up for him to let him in as he didnt have keys. You would have thought he'd be mindful of this and come home at 11pm or so, at the VERY latest 12... but no, it ended up being a 2amer... and then he wanted to help a hysterical girl, which was in itself nice, but there's not much thought re his hosts!!! 3am bed for us that night.

He goes to some sushi course and we drop him off (getting his hints... plus aware he isnt pleased we wont be fetching him), he walks back the long way... and complains re his hurting feet etc. He always needs to let others know around him when he is put out in any way. He expects everyone to JUMP for him!

The next night we went to my sisters. She's been planning this for weeks, has about 40 people there. We get there early to help set up etc.. what is family for? By 8:30pm he starts complaining re the time... he's tired, when are we thinking of going home. I am not planning on going home any time soon!!! I am also tired (due to him!!!) but am making extra effort to enjoy the evening my sister has worked hard to put together. There are also loads of pals there who I want to speak to etc.

He says 'If I drive your car back I am not sure where to go'... ummm.. excuse me??? Where does he get the idea we would let him drive the car??? We certainly never offered... Plus he's not on our insurance... plus how would we get home!!!??? SELFISH man. I actually had to get up and away from him I was so mad.

He didnt have the courtesy to thank my sister for having him - an extra guest who came just because he happened to be staying with us... plus he didnt even bring anything and it was a bring and share. My sister has always thought him rude though and knocked heads. I think I have always been very tolerant of his ways, valuing his friendship. But this rudeness and in my home.. is enough. My husband thinks he's darn rude and he's not easily hit up. He saw how tense I was getting this wkend

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