Friday, 7 September 2007

A new day

Well, no freelance work for me this week! A shame in a way as nice to get the £££ and I love the design team... but it's also good to have a day off! A day to get errands done (like make extra sets of keys!!!), and do a tidy at home. Need to sort out the clothes cupboards for one thing!
Judy is coming round later for tea with the girls. S started school yesterday... very chuffed re that

Mum has been really sick lately... has even taken time off work with her chest infection. I phoned her last night and she's still so raspy on the phone... a week later! I wish I was there to be able to help her. She helps us kids (especially my brother currently as they live a 2 minute drive away from her) so much... cant wait to be able to give something back. Under 100 days till we see her... yay!

Trifle annoyed with something else too... if one spent a lot of time and effort taking, editing (photoshop) and uploading wedding photos for someone, do you think they'd acknowledge it or say thanks?? I would have thought so. Not a peep from them. I think it's rude Apparently they've been emailing them to everyone too, as they really like them... and not a single thank you.

Unbelievable. I dont know why I bother to help people out as much as I do sometimes.

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