Thursday, 6 September 2007

What a week!

This has certainly been an interesting week!

Childcare has gone well, everyone is happy, but I do have 1 child (child a) who is quite a handful!!! Of the 6 I can see another child (child b) is going to be a bit of a handful too. But I doubt child b will be anything like child a.

A demanding and whiney child, child a seems to get their own way at home a lot. I wonder if child a's ever told 'no'? I am trying to teach child a to say 'please' too when child a wants something.. which is often! When I am finished a day with child a I am absolutely shattered. It's not fair to give one child more attention than the others, I am careful not to, so the days it is here are heavy, as child a demands so much attention. Constant reassurance and attention. All day too.

Oh well, that's what it's all about isn't it? Living and learning

Started my tests at QM hospital this week, hope they don't come back inconclusive so I have to go again!!! I am looking forward to the tests on the 25th at C&W hospital, hoping to get some answers there too.

Then onto a more sombre note.

The VT I have come to love (and respect) is no longer what I think it to be. For many it is a mere travel site, to build travel pages, get travel info etc. This is great, and I use it a lot this way.... have over 4,000 pics of ours posted and on the way to 2,000 tips!

However there have been 9 member deletions this past week, and this sucks. I have lost respect for those in charge who try to justify their actions... but I dont think they are being transparent and honest enough. They say they dont read emails and other members have proof they do... etc. Far too much to go into here, but let's just say I am truly disappointed.

Such a shame.

I didnt now everyone who has been *zapped* but I knew a couple and I will stay in touch with them of course. But sadly, I cannot make mention of them in the forums for fear of being *zapped* myself! People are saving thier travel pages like crazy, in case they get *zapped* for being associated with the dearly deleted.

Ah well. I think I'll stick to writing travel pages and meeting people as I always have done. But Misc is no longer my playground. Not where people arent playing fair.

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