Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Locked out!!!

Oh but wasn't today fun!!!???

What NOT to do when you have a hungry tired child? Get locked out!

That yale has got me twice now... first time the landlord (thank goodness!) was home, so he could let me in. He lives a 2 minute walk away so that's handy!

So I phoned him today - hoping he's home, but he isn't, he's in Kensington, at a job. Groan.

I phone Lance and tell him the situ.... he (bless him) tells his boss he has to go home to let me in, and he does. Had to wait a while as he works at Oxford Street (and the tubes were down!!!! GREAT timing Jen!!!).

Thankfully though the sun was shining and I had brought plenty of sncks, a sandwich, crackers, raisins etc. with me for our common walk, so the child didn't go hungry. Little Finlay and Melanie (neighbours children) were sitting in the garden with their Slovakian nanny, Lanka, too... so they had some fun together.

So I need to get more keys made, and give one set to Judy! PRONTO

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