Friday, 26 November 2010

WLS stats

Salmon flakes, low fat cheese spread and pepper, on multigrain bread.

The nutitionist said I must stay off bread for a while longer still... my lil new tum probably cannot handle bread yet, and this might lead to a tear/leak.

I have had no pain when eating, and stop when full... so thought bread was okay (have had it twice), but if the nutritionist says it's early days for me and bread... then out goes the bread!

Crackers are fine. I love these low fat Jacob's crackers, with fillings on top.. they literally melt in my mouth. Just what's needed!

Sea basa fillet of fish with lemongrass and chili sauce... with rice.

I am being very careful with rice... just little bits at a time... hard to digest!

Below is fish pie, with side salad.

Two tablespoons of fish pie practically fills me up.. I then eat the salad as I am able. Focussing on proteing first.

5 weeks post surgery: 9.5 kgs weight loss.

Total weight loss (including pre op weight loss): 16.5kgs

I haven't lost weight hardly at all (as far as the scale is concerned!) in the last couple of weeks, but have been following my regime as much as before. I am losing inches though... my body feels so different.

I am down 2 t-shirt sizes and 1 trouser size... so it's all good... just wish the scales were being more generous.

I chatted to the nutritionist about this and she said I am doing very well and must just continue as I am... as long as I see change in my body shape, and clothing wearability, then I AM losing weight... and the scales will probably dip loads soon, to show this on there too.

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