Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lance's turn to be tagged :(

Lance had a suspected stroke today. Doc didnt want to take a chance and he and I went to hosp in an ambulance.

Just got home.

They've ruled out a stroke thank God. But he has many other strange symptoms down his left side. Tests tomorrow.

Not feeling too good, we had 4 hours of hospital waiting this am for me (saw my surgeon who is happy with my progression), and then 7 hours of it this pm. I think I've pulled one of my wounds (drain site Helen), as I ran up the hill to the docs when he called me.

Goodness knows where I got the energy, but I'm feeling it now.

Missing my boy :(


  1. Thoughts and prayers out to you and your husband. Easier said than done, I know, but do try to take it easy. Believe that things will be okay.

  2. Thanks Sam. I am sure all will be fine, it's the waiting that is the worst. The dear lad doesn't need this now :(