Friday, 5 November 2010

The homecoming!

A quick post while Lance is splashing in the bubble bath... he is home.. woohoooo!!!

As cute as ever ;)

The neurologist said it was due to stress... and that makes perfect sense. He is so healthy... 'disgustingly fit' were the medics exact words haha. He has lost weight and has been very stressed about me.. and he keeps things to himself and of course, it does need an outlet, and then this happened. His body had taken too much. He is MUCH better and will be fine soon.

He also works 6 day weeks, and is knackered.. not sure how this will change, but hope it does. Looking forward to our break in SA next month.. and all that glorious African vitamin D :)

I am going to keep a good eye on him for sure. Looking forward to our belated anniversary dinner tomorrow night.. and a restful weekend. He should be back at work on Tuesday, has to see doc again on Monday.

My bruising is still there but is healing well. The wounds are also doing well, no infections or leakages. They were pulled a bit when I (in my shock) ran to the docs when he said the ambulance was coming to take him to hospital. Not sure how I got there so quickly as it's a mighty big hill I live on, but I got there when the ambulance did! Amazing what adrenalin does! Since then I've had a dull ache and will see the doc about that on Monday.

Thanks to family and friends who have been so supportive and concerned x


  1. Glad to know that the husband's home and all is ok. Enjoy your anniversary celebration :-)

  2. Thanks so much Sam! :)