Friday, 5 November 2010

Still unsure

Lance's blommies. Cape protea and fynbos.. our faourite :)

I am battling terribly with nausea (and d & v too today), saw Lance yest at hospital but cannot get there today. The to'ing and fro'ing is also hurting my tum wounds, I think I've pulled one of them.

He is still weak on left side with little response, and docs have been doing more tests to see what is wrong - they are still not sure. He's seeing a neurologist after lunch. He is eating well though which is good. They've ruled out stroke, shingles and adult chicken pox at this stage. His left eye is still droopy, reflexes poor on his left side. Catscan came back clear thankfully.

We rescheduled our anniversary dinner for tomorrow night as I was too nauseous last Saturday, best I cancel that now.

I feel like such a rubbish wife that I am unable to give him the support he needs, when he was with me every day, all day when I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago.

Am trying to be positive and chipper, but battling tbh. Knowing family and close friends are praying and caring is helping loads.

Hopefully I'll have some good news soon, that they know what's wrong, and that my boy can come home.

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  1. Ah shame sweetheart. I'm sure nobody thinks you are a rubbish wife, least of all Lance! You have been through an extremely traumatic op and you must take care of yourself. I'm sure Lance wants you to rest and take good care. I can understand that you may feel terrible not being able to take care of him, and its only natural, but it is ONLY you who think that way. I'm sure he is in excellent hands in hospital. So so sorry to hear about his problems. I'm certain that it must be very worrying. I do pray that the doctors will be able to find out what is wrong so that they can start the right treatment and he can make a full recovery.

    lots and lots of love to you both.