Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beauoooootiful day

Getting comfy for the rugby later, go bokke! Watching nz vs eng now.

Had our first lil outing, was great! Gentle walk in Wimbledon Village to the common, and a belated anniversary meal.

Before pic below.

Lance had bangers and mash with an onion sauce, and I had a chicken salad, with hummus, tomato, cucumber and hummus.. The tomato and cucumber were cut up finely which suited me perfectly. There were some slices of pita bread, I had half of one(very small little bites). Carbs are not the best thing for me to have, I need to focus on protein.

I LOVED this meal.. the first *proper* meal I have had in 2 months (taking into consideration I was on a liquid diet pre op too).

Made me feel almost normal again :)

I'm progressing quite quickly onto more solidy type food... just gotta chew it for ages and liquidise it before I swallow. And be very careful what I eat. Amount is tiny too. I had about a quarter of the lettuce, hummus and chicken. Lance had quite a bit of it too... he enjoyed my meal more than his he said hehe

After pic below.

Then tonight I will have half a cup of soup for dinner like I do every night. And I feel so full!

Must be careful though as eating too much, or the wrong type food will make me bring up, so I am wary of my new tum and how it's feeling at all times. Think I'm learning quite quickly what's good for me.

Walking through the village, it started to rain, a 'monkey's wedding' we say in South Africa :) It's cool but pleasant, blue skies, and there, amidst it all, was a lovely rainbow :)

Amazing how, even through stressful times, and we have had our share of that of late, it's the small things... holding hands with the love of my life, and seeing God's hand in the shape of a rainbow... that bring us back to earth and remind s how very blessed we actually are.

I feel so blessed to have had this surgery. And so quickly too. Others wait a couple of years to have it done, I waited 5.5 months. My asthma is improved too already! Not battling with our mighty hill where we live, and walking as much as I have before. Thank you Jesus!

Lance is doing much better. Light headed and weak, but doing loads better. We are taking care of eachother. He sees the doc on Monday, and will hopefully be back at work on Tuesday.. if the doc (and I!!!) let him ;)

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