Monday, 29 November 2010

Feeling pretty good!

I am doing pretty well, all things considering!

This wkend was my first proper outing, and the first day (Sat) went well... and I jived late into the night with Morten... and then Sun wasn't so good... nausea and the shakes... we got to British Museum, I had a little something to eat, took my meds, and didn't get better, so we came home. But what we managed to do was such fun :)

5 weeks out and my asthma has already improved, weight loss is good and steady (is unlike other wls procedures where they bypass your digestive system so you don't absorb any fats or sugars, so weight loss is HUGE and quick, my weight loss is steady and slower), I'm feeling better already. 2 top sizes down and 1 trouser size down.

We live on quite a hill and when I walk up it I am wheezing and out of breath, and take my pump when I get home... I haven't been taking it this past week... for me, this op has made such a huge difference already!!!

Lots I can eat, lots I cannot... depends from day to day with certain things... other things, like chicken, has to be very moist and shredded to be digested, even then I often cannot digest it and have to spit it out (sorry to be gross!).

I tried multigrain too early... my nutritionist said I must wait till the new year. It's all a learning curve for me, I am taking each day one at a time, listening to what my body needs.

It's shouting for beetroot and protein! I never used to have much protein, and for this wls surgery (and for asthmatics I have since found out!) protein should be key to one's diet... so this also explains why my asthma has improved so much already.

Usually , in this bitterly cold weather, my chest is continually tight and I am on steroids to help me breathe... and I am feeling light in chest and am not on the dreaded steroids :)

And it can only get better! :)


  1. Anonymous5:18 am

    All of that is good news. Jen. I can learn from it also.......Diane

  2. Thank you Diane... how are you feeling my friend? xxx