Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Such generous friends

Friends of ours are emigrating to South Africa next week and they've been clearing things out and they said they thought hard before giving things away... to the right person. Most of their stuff (apart from what's on a ship to SA as we speak!) has gone to charity.

He is a photographer and gave us a lovely tripod... woohoo!

He also gave me an .... ENLARGER!!!! I loved b&w photography at uni in the dark room and he knows this from a conversation we once had... and I am now the proud owner of an enlarger... with red light, trays, chemicals, the works (although will get fresh chemicals!).

They have a baby and she gave me a couple of baby furniture items that she knows I do not have yet (I have just taken on a 6 month old)... she knows exactly what I have as I've looked after her now 3 yr old for 2.5 yrs.

Very thoughtful in their giving to their friends.

And those items will not gather dust!


  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Great gifts Jen. Have these folks lived in South Africa before?
    You seem to be doing really well and I am so pleased for you. Keep up the good work,

  2. Yes... she is form there, he is English... but (thankfully for her!) LOVES South Africa... and is so excited to be back there now.

    Thank you so much Diane... it's a long road, recovery is... how are you doing??? xxx