Monday, 1 September 2008


I childmind Mon to Thurs, and have a contracted design job on a Friday. ALL my parents know this.. but for some reason a couple of them (part-timers) think they can ask me (often!) if I could look after their child on a Friday...

Firstly, I am committed to another job already, plus the money for childminding is only worthwhile when I mind 3 kids, and even then is less than a day's wage as a designer. So I do not want to mind on a Fri for financial reasons, plus I have a CONTRACT.

I thought they had finally understood this... I have two mothers who are CONTINUALLY asking me about Fridays... I have given them details for alternate care close by and neither has followed this up!

Tonight mum arrives... she has jury duty coming up and asked if I could look after her child on the 2 days a week I do not usually look after her. But on a Tuesday I have 4 (FOUR) under 5s already (with a variance)... and Fridays I do NOT mind!!!

I wanted to pull my hair out! Does she honestly expect me to look after five under 3s!!!! (OK, one turned 3 a couple weeks ago...) with health and safety rules going out the window, plus I am not registered to do this (!!!)... and plus, just forget about my commitment to my other job????

I am so frustrated. HOW do I make someone understand I am not available once and for all!!!??? This parent is also often early dropping off and late picking up... and tonight was again.. even though I sent a newsletter this morning... and dropping kids off early/lateness was an issue I raised on it.

Sometimes I feel I am banging my head on a brick wall. Some parents have this way of making you feel guilty for not putting their little one before everything and everyone else.

OK, rant over. I will have that cuppa Rooibos now.

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