Monday, 29 September 2008

Okay, here you go! Menu sample!

Breakfast: Weetabix
Snack: Raisins &
carrot batons
Lunch: Toasted cheese and tomato, banana
Snack: Fruit bar
Tea: Cottage pie with veg, pear

Breakfast: Bran flakes
Snack: Dried apricots
Lunch: Philly cheese sandwich, yoghurt
Snack: Fruit biscuit & grapes
Tea: Fish fingers, peas, mash, apple

Breakfast: Cornflakes
Snack: Breadstick & sultanas
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, strawberries
Snack: Carrot batons & grapes
Tea: Chicken stew with rice, pear

Breakfast: Baby pronutro -
South African porridge
Snack: Cookie/fairy cake (that we have baked!)
Lunch: Picnic lunch in the garden! Variety of fruit, crackers
and sandwiches to choose from
Snack: Rice cakes
Tea: Spaghetti bolognaise, grapes

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