Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Healthy eating

We have meal-times throughout the day: breakfast from 7:30am (unless they have eaten at home already), a snack at 10:30am, lunch at 12:30am (which is often a picnic!) and another snack at 3pm. Freshly cooked tea is at 5pm.

We have a dessert after lunch and tea, which is always fruit/yoghurt. Snacks are fruit and healthy foodstuffs (to your child’s expressed dietary requirements).

Personal water beakers are always available to the children. Rooibos tea (natural South African tea) is introduced when a little older as another option, although water is mostly encouraged. Children are welcome to bring juice from home in their own separate beaker. Each child has their own beaker to prevent cross contamination.

I provide milk, although formula/soya milk will need to be provided by you.

It is important we discuss exactly what their likes and dislikes are concerning food, and if you’d like them to start eating certain foods, we can work together in this. It is all part of their development process.

I try to keep the menu varied, opening up a wide variety of tastes to the children, with both hot and cold foodstuffs. I aim to give the children 5 fruit and veg per day, every day.

I involve the children in cooking too, their favourite being pizza! Even the younger children enjoy holding the grated cheese in their hands and putting it (with help) on their own mini pizza! We cook and bake a variety of foods, so the children learn about safety in the kitchen, and have the satisfaction of creating their own meal.

We enjoy baking and make fairy cakes, cookies and cakes at least once a month per child (all children are part-timers). We get nice and messy whilst having some fun baking, then, after washing hands and faces, kids are lifted up so they can see the baking rise (high-standing oven), and then we enjoy our special treat!

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