Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Getting sick!

I know what the general rules re sickness are, but it's difficult to gauge sometimes. I have been poorly (have been off work and so loss of income!), due to my youngest mindee I am sure... but parents sent her along anyway... they hate having to pay for care not used. She had a cold but her nose was running something terrible.. a lovely green colour. This says infection to me? I mentioned this to the parents... 'Oh no, she has no infection, its just a cold'... I am told.

What is your stance on a child being a bit poorly? If I get sick I do not get paid... so if a parent sends their child to me sick, they might not have a childminder available for a few days! And I won't be paid...

I also had a child that vomited... and they sent her to me the next day - now I am sure we shouldn't have them for 48 hours after... but as I only had her brother in my care and no other kids for those 48 hours, she felt it fine to send her... is this fine though? What about me becoming ill??? She plays on me being a softy, and I am

Winter approaches, and so will colds etc. and I want to enforce a stricter attitude in my setting.

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