Monday, 15 September 2008

Accommodating a stranger for 3 months?

I got this email today from a friend ... she writes about her friend, looking to stay in England for 3 months to learn English. I am not quite sure what to say... we certainly do not have the room... and hubby wouldn't want a stranger in our home even if we did have the space, for that length of time. I couldn't from a work perspective anyway, being a childminder. Difficult one!

What would you say to her???


Dear Jen,

Today I come with a question to you:

I am at the moment in Greece for a bellydance workshop with women from Vienna and my dance-teacher from Vienna. One of the students I know since a few years and I do like her very much. She has been working with her husband for many years as his assistant, while he was a doctor. He stopped working now and is retired, so is she as well. Now she wants to practise her English, she understands a lot but doesn't talk yet, because she is afraid to make mistakes.

Now she told me that she is thinking of going to London for about 3 months and make a course, but also live with a family, so she has to speak the whole time just English. She would also be a wonderful Grandma ... this is what I can feel.

So I promised her to go online and write to you and ask you if you would want
her to come over or maybe know someone where she would be welcomed.
Monika is a very calm, gentle and placid lady (sorry if I used a wrong word, the dictionary had to help me). She would not want to be paid, maybe even the other way round ... paying a bit and the rest for taking a bit care of a child or so.

She is flexible and would appreciate to be in a good and nice family. She would have a problem if she would be in a family with lots of problems and fights. I think you got an idea now what I am talking about.
Please tell me your opinion and your ideas of that, I hope we can help my

Love and hugs and kisses from Greece

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