Monday, 29 September 2008

Crayons and tellies do NOT mix!

I have had crayon on the telly screen (first week we had it!!! eek!), on floors and walls, lots of wheels gone, kiddy microwave broken when repeatedly told not to play with it roughly, things chewed etc.

Mostly is not malicious... but I have noticed two of my kids have started to act up more since he started nursery, he actually maliciously pulled the wrought iron curtain tailback holder right out the wall last week (it was screwed in!!!!)! Hubby was home and fixed it immed. He did say sorry and I told mum that night, as it was done on purpose, not an accident. I don't mention when things happen accidentally.

They also play up alot when being fetched... get more raucous, jump on the couch (when they KNOW not to do it! And don't do it during the day when mum isn't there...), want to take my toys home and then cry bitterly when they are told they can't, take food (took another kid's baking, takes dried apricots etc.) off the kitchen counter etc. Mum laughs and says 'oh X, don't do that' in this soft and loving voice... which is ineffective. It's really frustrating. She jokingly asks me 'have you fed them today?' Their behaviour is viewed as cute and funny... and laughed off. And it is no laughing matter.:mad:

I am careful with ensuring there is nothing dangerous on the kitchen counters, but now food too???

I have childminder insurance, but was hoping to never have to use it!

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