Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Answered prayer!


I have heard back from the two mums this week and they are keen for me to childmind their kids! Exciting stuff indeed... I have only been registered for 2 weeks and now I am practically full up already!

I am keeping Fridays open for freelance work, and then only have 1 space available on 2 days a week. This is really good news, we are thrilled. The kids are lovely, and the mums will be great to work alongside.

Childminding is a partnership with parents I feel, and I think things will go very well.

Today Judy and Debs (and the 4 kids!) came round for tea and we had some cake I baked yesterday, plus some more fruit muffins haha - I so love making them! The sun was out and we had a lovely time in the garden with them.

The kids start in September and October, so need more freelance work in the meanwhile, and the usual freelance work is very quieeet... hope to get some soon! (before our trip to SA).

Must celebrate with Lance tonight!

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