Sunday, 19 August 2007

Racism stinks

It's sad to say, but racism is still alive and well within the hearts of some people. Fortunately I have had very little contact with people who have racist views, but some people we know have changed in the last couple of years and their new attitudes are rather worrying! How anyone can have such prejudice against another human being simply because of the colour of their skin, I don't know! Doesn't make any sense to me at all.

I put up with a few chirps, and then had to say what I felt... I think they know I wasn't happy with the racist chatter... and then turned it round saying they were only joking... Mmmm... out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks I believe, and it happens far too often and far too seriously to be taken as anything but serious.

I think a part of making things better is that everyone needs to realise that they have a certain responsibility towards their community and should therefore be actively involved in the community. Do volunteer work, sponsor volunteer work if you have money but no time, actively participate, neigbourhood watches, become a police reservist. I hear too many people that are bitching and moaning about the country but not doing their little bit. If we don't all work together, we will not be able to save the country! There should be a collective sense of ‘ownership’ regardless of colour, age or sex!

Yes, there is affirmative action and a certain amount of reverse racism in South Africa.. but that doesn't give one the right to tar the ENTIRE racial group with the same brush. Goodness knows what God thinks of us shallow human beings :(

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