Tuesday, 21 August 2007

1 wedding, 2 destinations, 4 airports, 6 flights and 7 days later...

Well, we are back from our whirlwind week away in SA!

1 wedding, 2 destinations, 4 airports, 6 flights and 7 days later...
we have returned home to Ole Blighty, sans sleep but so happy we saw our families once again. Living apart from them just doesn't get easier as time goes by...

It was a good week, manic but good to spend time with much-loved family, and even a couple of friends. The wedding went very well.. all Garth and Monique's hard work and planning paid off in the end we think!

It felt like Inkangala Paper days for me again, as I got involved with wedding wine labels, menus, order of services, table numbers, videoing and photographing!

I also found out - the DAY before the wedding! - that I had left the top half of my wedding outfit back home in London... so I had to find something new to wear PRONTO. Luckily I dont stress easily and soretd somehting out quickly at the mall.

It felt weird to be back in the same chapel where Lance and I got married 6 years ago.. very special. They had their reception at The Range too, whereas we had ours at the Hout Bay Manor. They had dancing, 3 course buffet meal and carrot cake.. of which we never got to eat unfortunately as we were too busy running around taking videos, photos, getting suits etc.

We got to see Shell and Taine, Carol and her new baby, Jaryd... and Jan and Graeme, and Sias and Mandy. This was great. We have such fond memories of all we used to get up to in this group. People have gone their own ways to a certain extent.. different churches specifically, even if still living in the same valley. We definately would've made a move away had we still lived in the valley too.

Here is the link:
The first album has some family pics (Cape Town and Jo'burg).
The second album is of Garth and Monique's wedding.
If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can do a slideshow with it if you like.

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