Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Wedding shoes

Today I had such a successful shop

Having rubbish shoes I decided to go and look for some for bil's upcoming wedding on the 18th. I went to trusty Clarks, and got two pairs!!! I was well chuffed. What made it a good day too was that it was the first day I have been out and about walking since I sprained my ankle. It's getting better, yay! Needs to be in tiptop shape for the wedding dancing!

A brown leather girly shoe with a heel and a thin strap across the front, with a nice antique button detail on the side. The other shoe I got is black leather, quite a funky pair, for everyday use.

Chatted to my brother again today and it seems as if our family reunion plans have gone up in smoke, because of other brother's leave situation. What they are doing makes sense for them, but we cant change our plans, so the reunion is not happening. Sad but understandable I guess.

Other than that, it was a productive day, and I must get into packing and making sure we have everything for both trips... as they are so close together. Somerset this weekend and South Africa on Tuesday. Yay!!!

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