Wednesday, 22 August 2007

What a pain in the ankle!

Went to the doc today... wasnt feeling very good at all. My ankle is markedly worse than it was a week ago. I think all the running around and dancing (yes, I danced a bit!) didit NO good!!!

I am busy with kids at home now, but whenever I can I am putting my ankle up, with cold ice (when the kids arent here of course)! Doc says I must just be patient and wait... it has only been 3 and a half weeks... I am only half way through the recovery process. Mmmm. I am not happy about that.

I realised today that I have not had one pain-free day this year. Not one.

My wrist and arm hurt from December (with tennis elbow being diagnosed in the first week). I still have a lot of pain with it and have physio for it. And then the ankle. What is really frustrtaing is that I am so eager to start exercising again but havent been able to with these two injuries. Grrrr...

Tomorrow I have children start 'easing in' at my home, with their mums away for a few hours... next week I officially start my childcare. Gulp. Very excited!

As is our way, always look to the positive and look forward... tomorrow is a new day

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