Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lance's 40th birthday @ Shaka Zulu's Restaurant

The gang... Eleanor, Dale, Judy, Jen, Lance, Jane, Glen

The drummer said Lance has good rhythm. Weird to have a guy dressed up like a Zulu.. and then to have this perfect English accent coming out his mouth hehe

He got TWO cakes this year! My chocolate one and the one I ordered from the restaurant.. the chef there made it.

Lance took this shot - just in case you were wondering!!! haha... Cool hey!

These ladies go around... dancing, chatting, posing... such a good idea! The zebras are beautifully done. 

Congrats my dear on your 40th! 

Shaka Zulu!

Stunning wall mosaics and low and high relief artwork... the most beautiful place I have been to in a while.. certainly the best restaurant... food and service was great, as was the dancing!

Some pics from Saturday night's celebrations! What a ball we had. Lance's sister, husband, son and girlfriend were with us, as was my sister.

We went to Shaka Zulu's, an upmarket restaurant/nightclub, in Camden Town. There are huge statues of Shaka Zulu (they use Henry Cele as a model) and his warriors adorn the place... the lighting is stunning... furniture African patterned and delightful. I wish I could take a chair home! 

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