Thursday, 21 July 2011

40 years ago, a little boy was born...

My loveliest hunka hunka... and when he's clean shaven he looks no older than 18... 

I've made him a huge, calorific chocolate cake, and will make him one of his favourite meals for dinner. No candles, he is allergic.

Tonight he will spend some time opening his pressies... I have got him all kinds of little gifts - shaving brush, Spurs gym bag (his English football team for you non Brits), Sharks tshirt (his Saffa rugby team for you non Saffas), latest Springbok shirt (I assume y'all know who they are...?), wireless stereo headphones for gym, 1971 Top of the Pops CD, C-130 Hercules flight simulator game, Around the world in 80 gardens DVD by Monty Don, Jack Russel mouse mat... all individually wrapped... he will kill me... haha

Ah the joy!

Tomorrow night he is going out with the lads for some drinks... and Saturday night we are going with family to Shaka Zulu Restaurant, a fab and funky new restaurant/nightclub in Camden Town. Will dance the night away... me in heels eek! That's rare. 

No big parties for him, quite low key for such a big birthday. But then that's him. Less fuss as possible. Hence me going overboard with the pressies! 
Me... I like a little fuss :)

What's your preference? Low key or a little fuss?

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  1. Anonymous7:10 am

    Sounds like a great 40th birthday celebration.
    May you have many many more Lance wth your lovely Jen. Diane xxx