Thursday, 14 July 2011

What a fabulous review!

A client wrote this review of me. I was nearly in tears when I read what she'd written. Feel so honoured to be a part of children's lives, and realising the impact I could possibly have on an adult's life too. Humbling. 

People lead such busy lives, they most often do not have the time to say how they feel, and I assume much goes unnoticed/taken for granted... and then I get this incredible token of appreciation and I realise NOTHING is not seen and all is appreciated. The big things as well as the small.


'Better than good!
user rating
The good rating is not enough to describe how fantastic Jen is.

My daughter has been with her for approx 1 year now and is so excited to see Jen every time we drop her off. The kids have so much fun each day and come home with a diary of their daily activites, what they ate etc... which is so lovely to read. Jen creates a very loving, caring and educational environment. Even the kids hug each other hello each day!

One of the many things I love about Jen is that she sends me photos of my daughter during the day which brightens my work day beyond belief.

Jen is also accomodating with extra days of care which can be quite helpful.

I cannot rate her high enough. I know both my daughters life and mine are enhanced by having Jen in it.'

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  1. Anonymous1:29 am

    That is great Jen and doesn't surprise me at all. Diane xxx