Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Johannesburg... 'World Class African City?'

What is your view of a world class city... in this case, an African world class city?

Even here in 'first world' London... pot holes, litter, billing crisis, corruption, lazy folk on the dole etc. exists... many live in squalor. 

To me a world class city is about the people, the infrastructure, the culture, the history... working together for the betterment of those living with it.. especially taking care of the vulnerable... the children, the elderly, the animals. Education, healthcare, safety are paramount. Acceptance of diversity and willing to change for the sake of all. Humility and love for your neighbour.

There is so much that IS world class about Jhb and CT (focussing on these 2)... the airports are FAR better than many I have been in, service MUCH better generally than in European cities, people smile even when they have little materially, people look you in the eye, infrastructures like the Gautrain are fantastic, the stadiums that were renovated/built are world class - mind boggling that they were done on time. 

We have come such a long way since apartheid, which was horrendous, and yes, there are things (like certain mindsets... aka Julius) that are frustrating to hear... as they have no place in our new, democratic nation, where colour should NOT play a role. We are past that, need to stop living in the past.

We need to focus on the positive in moving forward, do our bit in society (volunteer at your local Aids orphanage/volunteer for Missing Children South Africa/visit an old age home/help mentor a child in an underprivileged area etc.)... if we start making the change ourselves, it spreads. 

Easy to whinge from the comfort of an armchair, but the whinging will stop when we get off our butts and make a difference ourselves... and ensure fine people like Maimane and Zille are voted into power.


  1. Anonymous3:25 am

    Oh Jen that is all so very true. All of the reasons why I love Jo'burg and am anxious to get back. Thanks, Diane

  2. Thanks for that Diane - there are many that would say I have rose tinted glasses on... I try and look at the situation objectively... and be realistic, but my attitude HAS to be one of positivity... or else how can we hope to succeed as a new nation???

    I would LOVE to have you as our guest when we move back to Cape Town Diane x