Saturday, 2 July 2011

No Prague after all, but that's a-okay!

We found a lovely hotel in Prague, but we will go another time. 

After paying a huge car service bill (the ONE time I begrudge having an Audi!), paying the rest of my business tax, and paying off the Algarve villa for August.... we made the wise decision to stay home this weekend... and I am so glad we did! 

This is the first week I have been off crutches when out and about... we went to Wimbledon tennis last Saturday, my first trip out sans crutches, took it easy. Had my first longish walk in Richmond Park yesterday too, which was lovely, capped off with a picnic. 

And so, now that I am off crutches, and the asthma is more under control, I have joined gym again... woohooooooooo!!! 

Lance and I have our training session (we have vastly different training schedules, needless to say!haha), then we swim and have a time in the jacuzzi together. There is this lovely waterfall machine in the jacuzzi that slams water down onto your back/shoulders... it's d.i.v.i.n.e.

I am also having a few sessions with a personal trainer, he's a sweet chap, who has 2 staffies! That's what sold it for me ;) 

What a joy!

I am quite overwhelmed to be feeling so good and MOBILE. Feeling better physically than I have in years.

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