Monday, 11 July 2011

Result time

We've been quite busy this past week, usual work stuff (had emergency child today too, a lovely 3.5 yr old called James); with summer and the good weather comes many social things too (I had 4 social events this past weekend alone - it's crazy! And turned down a further two); and we try get to gym as much as we can.

Now that we've started gym again - we have seen personal trainers and I've been given exercises for my knee primarily at this stage, so I work on two machines, and then swim, and do further exercises there. 

Lance has been given an exercise program to strengthen his back and increase his flexibility, then he swims too. Lance had physio on Monday and then today, he went to the doctor to get his MRI results.

He has disc damage, dehydrated discs and they have discovered schmols nodes, which means he may have had/has Scheuermann's disease. There is slight narrowing of the vertebral foraman, which has been touching the L5 nerve root, which causes the pain. 

He's not allowed any weight training at this stage. He is going to see a rheumatologist about the consequences of the schmols nodes, and to get clarity on Scheuermann's disease, and what he needs to do about it. Physio is helping with the pain. Plus he has exercises to do at home, plus the gym training (and swimming!). 

Onwards and upwards. At least we have some kind of answer now as to why he has the pain he has/suspected stroke episode etc.  

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