Monday, 1 December 2008

Uh, read your contract?

Do y'all remember my ''Oops, sorry, we are in Spain!'' post from October?

I cannot believe this - I emailed December and January invoices, as I am leaving for South Africa first thing 1st Jan so won't be around for any possible queries. I invoiced 2 holiday days as per contract ...

I get a reply... ''You are going on holiday??? This puts me in a right pickle as I need care for XYZ in January as per usual''

I forward her the long newsletter I emailed parents on 1st September, writing about new toddler group opening close by, OFSTED inspection, new wristbands etc. including MY HOLIDAY DATES from 1 Jan to 26 Jan 2009.

Her reply... ''oh well that's too far back to remember.. now how am I supposed to pay you for days when you arent caring for XYZ, and I cannot work that day as I have to care for XYZ?''

Uh, read your contract? You signed up to pay me 2 days holiday per year.

You know, my communication with my mindee parents is excellent. And she is the only one who ever takes the p... like last Thurs when she arrived half an hour late, but then fetched him half an hour late too... to make up the time...!!!!??? How can she just think it okay to elongate my working day willy nilly???

I have our borough's Childminding Christmas Dinner Dance this Thursday evening... and am worried she will do this again to me...

I had better email her and remind her about her contracted hours.. and that she cannot just play with my working hours because she is late!!! But I had better write this email when I have calmed dooooown

*deep breaths*


  1. I had recently signed into the world of child care myself and they go over this one very well. "they" as in the child care trainers, tell you to charge the parent when they are late, say $5 per 15 minutes. It may sound like a lot, but it keeps them timely and our precious time is ours... not there's for the taking!
    I hope your parent realizes that you deserve this time off and it helps for her to spend some time with her XYZ!

  2. Hi Elaine - yes you are so right - it is advised here too... but I am too much of a softy :(

    Her XYZ is so precious too... I really miss the kids when I am away.

    Thanks x