Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A personal letter to me

South African sunset

I received this wonderful letter from a Christian friend of mine, A.
During times of trials and uncertainty, having friends, true friends, is so crucial. Not all my good pals are Christians, or have the same beliefs as me, but they care for me and love me, as I do them, and this transcends everything. But to have a close Christian friend means the world to me, as we look to the same Father and Word.

The letter
The day I wrote my email to you I went off to church and thought of you all the

way through our wonderful pastors sermon who seemed to be talking exactly with
you in mind!

I would say the biggest thing is seeing/believing/understanding the awesomeness
of God/that is God - feel a bit teary thinking about it - He is almighty and
awesome - our Creator - and they are more than just names we give Him - those
names are like verbs as well - understanding to the depth that He is - that He
is Sovereign - he cares and is with us to the littlest things - and in my walk
with Him Ive been flabbergasted that He seems to be get involved in the tiniest
little things to show and teach that He is here with us individually and knows
and cares and sees to not just the big things - but those littlest things that
are us - when we are told in His word he knows what we need before we even ask -
he knows what we need in what we want and what we think about and care about
desire - our desires are His desires and its intertwined with His desires are
our desires - we when we are close and get closer and closer to Him what we are
wanting is what He is wanting and He cares to plant it to complex and yet so

And as so cutting and awful as it can be to be told in the world something that
cuts at what is your and Lances deep desires - remember the Lord who knows and
cares and is and is the Creator of all of so much amazement and wonder - things
that man cant create - the littlest thing - look down way at the bottom of deep
oceans the beauty down there - He cares about beauty and creating those things
down there - for His pleasure I really bet! He gets pleasure from His creation -
His design - and He gets pleasure from relationships with us and being our Lord
and being our answer and being the helper in our crises and our needs and our

He sustained me in the amazing situations. I can never ever say now hes not
amazing in what He does and wants to do - He is the fairy godmother that those
out there who dont know Him keep wishing for - so keep seeking Him for your
answers and your guidance and your counsel - He of course keeps blessing us
people who come into our lives at the right time and so on, because a
relationship with the Lord is an active and dynamic one - but He has the answers
for the way He wants you to go - He has plans and purposes for you and me -
plans to do us good and not harm. he puts desires in us for reasons. not to
hurt us and let us down. He is indeed a truly and amazingly good and wonderful
God - like any relationship the more we get to know Him and the more we want to
know Him and more opportunities we take to be involved with Him we will get
closer and closer.

So have a wonderful time back home, and yes a gift from God for sure to be
blessed with a strong marriage - but also a 3 stranded cord is hard to break -
hes that 3rd cord that gives that strength I believe that verse is telling us -
and enjoy being home with your Mum and your family - but do keep asking the
for His guidance and his desires and plans for you guys and trust him that
answers will be the best answers and the right answers as He knows you
the best
that anyone possibly can!

Also the verse 'not to put our trust in man' - I believe this is where we cant
get our final answers from man - its the Lord the final answers come from - He
can do anything He wants to do!

So do have a wonderful time back home - and yes I will feel very privileged if
you have a toast to me too tomorrow night! and I will keep praying for you both

xxx And all the Lords blessings and peace and joy in the wonderful Holy Spirit
who is our helpmate in our wonderful bodies that are temples of the Holy spirit
with you both in the times ahead!!



  1. What powerful words! You are blessed to have such a friend.

    It can be so hard to live into/accept God's will for our lives, especially when our own plans may not prosper.

    I will add you and your husband to my prayer list as well, if I may.

  2. Thank you Mary - yes, she is a good friend. A true pal. Thank you for adding us to your prayer list, bless you! x

  3. Have a wonderful trip. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. God's blessings to you in the new year!

  4. What a profound letter! I wonder of all the things I missed observing or really experiencing because I failed to understand the depth of all God is. It is especially difficult when your circumstances create a box you feel like you can't get out of and have no idea why you are there. Infertility was/is that box for me.

    You have a great blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I look forward to coming back to see what God brings your way in 2009.


  5. hello dear sister in Christ,
    I am so very, very honored to have you stop by and leave me a comment on my blog (all the way from London too!). My heart would love to hug yours right now.
    I admire you and want to mention about something I've noticed as I've taken a moment to browse thru some of your writing because it is worthy to be praised: Although, I know your heart weeps & bleeds as you walk thru this path of infertility I sense no real bitterness from you. I've seen it in so, so many ladies that allow this bitterness to eat away at their soul. I sure had a touch of bitterness soon after my reversal for a brief moment in time, that is until our gracious Father who disciplines those He loves got ahold of me, lol.~ (God has No favorites, a lesson I really needed to learn!) Of course our flesh wonders "why"~~ bad mommies have have children all the time, and we can't~ it's not fair???....... the thought is only natural, but your heart that is displayed here for all the world to see and before the Lord, IS BEAUTIFUL! and I'd bet the Lord smiles as He looks down uopn you!
    your courage to be supportive even thru grief and your uncondtional love towards your husband is worthy to be praised! bless you :O)
    I am humbled beyond words to read your comment and the sweetness you've shared with me--me, a mom, who has HAD 2 precious children already. what love you hold! I thank you to encourage me rather than offer the lack of understanding over why I grieve that most choose to support me with since I already have 2 children. I thank you for your compassion.
    ~~Somthing funny that I've had to learn the hard way is the simple truth that I am not God and that HE is!.... His ways and His thoughts are far above mine, His reason & will are sometimes never to be known until we step into eterninty. but, I trust that the unknown reasoning of His ways are only for our good and for our protection.
    Dear friend, you are beautiful in everyway, both on the inside and out and so is your husband.
    Hold fast to the Lord, keep His words close to your heart, and never ever forget.... The Lord is larger than science- He is the creator of All things. our plans my not be His plans, but He is a GOOD God who is out only our for our GOOD. Even tho we sometimes question his will for us when we have blury vision because we often only see through the tears we shed ~ He still remains for our good! and we will still yet praise Him and trust Him and know He is forever faithful to us.
    And, Jesus!, who knows the very heart of sorrow is our best friend!, the lover of our soul!, and brings comfort in such gentle ways that no one else can ever do!, He never leaves us- Praise HIm!
    O blessed friend, may the peace of the Lord rest upon you and your husband, and may the Lord fill your home with His children (whether it be from your womb or not) to raise them up for His Glory all in His perfect time.
    ~~~Call me crazy..... but I just want to say, 'I love you'; It really can't be that crazy right?, because we share the same Father in Heaven :O)

    Blessings, Deanna
    A gal who is learning to surrender and know that the will and plan that the Lord has for me is the true desire of my heart.

  6. Hi! Ordinary Saffa Girl,
    Thanks for visiting Plant Lady's Ponderings.
    It's great to hear from new friends from all over! I look forward to hearing from you again. I will definately come back to visit your blog in the next few days.

    Plant Lady

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and letting me know you stopped by. *grin*
    I have been reading through your posts and am enjoying getting to know you a bit.
    And what a blessing to have a friend who God uses to speak for Him! He is good - all the time. And, yes! He is in every little detail. I pray you will recognize His presence in every moment of 2009 - in the ups and the downs, and all the in-betweens.
    Loving Jesus,

  8. What a wonderful letter from your friend and a real blessing from the Lord.

    Thank you for visiting my blogs and for your kind words. It's nice to meet a sister who is similar in the way He has designed us. I'm going to look around you blog now. Would love to see some of your work.

    Rich blessings to you as He brings you into the New Year!

  9. What a great post!

  10. That was a great letter from a great friend. You are blessed. God's will is sometimes hard to understand but it is in his nature to grant the desires of his heart. He will show up for you. Maybe even in a way you don't expect.

    Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to getting to know you.

  11. What a beautiful letter. Obviously written by a kindred spirit friend. It's so wonderful when "iron sharpens iron" as we walk with the Lord.

    Thanks for your very kind comments on my blog. I see you are from London. My Mother's parents were from Bogner Regis, Sussex, England. I love my British heritage.

    You obviously have a gift in the area of the arts. I was quite intrigued by your designs on your side bar.

    Happy New Year,

  12. What a beautiful letter. Obviously from a kindred spirit friend. It's so wonderful when "iron sharpens iron" in the Lord.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I see you are from London. My mother's parents were from Bogner Regis, Sussex, England. I love my British heritage.

    You are quite the artist. I was intrigued by your designs on your sidebar.

    Happy New Year,

  13. Hi,
    You are my first visitor across the waters that I know of. I'm honored to have you visit my blog. I love the feel of your blog. Elegant is the word that comes to mind...all the beautiful art. What a letter! God is so personal. He is interested in everything about us and He makes sure those who look for Him are aware of His Presence in our lives. I am so touched by the little things He does that show His involvement. May you year be filled with sightings of Him. :) Please visit again. Barbara (B)

  14. Have a Happy New Year!!

  15. Thank you everyone for your incredible responses! I have to dash as I am getting ready for the taxi to Heathrow... but will respond to all your replies when I return from South Africa at the end of January ~ in the meanwhile, take care, enjoy the new year and GOD BLESS!!!

    Jen x

  16. Hi,
    You do indeed have a wonderful friend, per the comment you left on my blog. I can't imagine the trial you have gone through (I peeked through your blog tags and read a few), though we are cautioned against comparing sufferings. I pray for you and your husband on the journey God is leading you on. Enjoy your holiday and the renewal of a new year!
    Good to know you, bloggy sister!