Friday, 19 December 2008

A blogger called Toasty

I have started following a lovely blog by Toasty today.

His personal blog is about 'commentary on life, popular culture, the news, politics, politicians, religion, language, violence, nihilism, environmental issues, and whatever else happens to cross my desk, screen, and life at any moment. I will also list my favorite books.'

I particularly enjoyed a post about a program he and his wife watched on the telly, about a war-time story he saw on Japanese TV. You can read it here.

My comment on his post is below. I have pasted it here as this post really made me THINK. Not just chuckle or wryly smile as so many other blog posts do, but really made me think. Digest what I was reading. I'll be back for more Toasty, thank you!

'Toasty, what a moving post.

My husband was in the South African army (one of their last conscripted youths in the late 80s), and the stories he has told me are blood curling and chill me to the bone. Seeing people set on fire with a tyre full of petrol round their neck all those years ago remains with him today - the images and the screams... oh the screams... He is a dear man, my gentle and faithful partner, and has been through things no wo/man should. Humankind is so inherently wicked so often.

It's stories like this in your post that remind us that we are all human, we are all real and that we all matter... no matter what background, creed, religion or race we are. Our hearts all beat the same beat, our eyes cry the same tears, our lips crack the same smiles.

Thanks too for your lovely comment on my Christmas post. My hubby took me out for an all English breakfast in the local Wimbledon Village this am and all the shops are busy (even with the credit crunch surprisingly), for me Christmas is all about family and Jesus.

Take care, God bless, and have a wonderful Christmas Mr and Mrs Toasty!'

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