Sunday, 28 December 2008

A message from Toasty :)

Below is a message from Toasty... and I had to post it here, it is so very special!!!
Thank you Toasty x

Thank you for your Christmas message to me. It was wonderful watching your children laugh (and one wondering "What's going on with THEM?") and watch for Santa's arrival. May your life and the lives of your loved ones be richly blessed this Christmas and throughout the New Year, and your visit to South Africa be a warm and blessed one.

Here is my Christmas gift to you. It is something that I wrote several years ago. I call it "Seeing with clarity".

• Trust God.
• Learn to love the world.
• Every life has a story, every story is important.
• Don’t judge others, love them.
• Don’t try to be profound, just be true.
• Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
• There are no ordinary people, there are only extraordinary ones.
• Remember to laugh and to see humor in everyday things.
• Be a servant.

Blessing and peace to you all,
George Polley (Toasty)

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