Monday, 1 December 2008

... and so it continues...

Well tonight I got a loooong email from her again - hubby saw it first, and is shocked by how pathetic she is being, she is having a fit... and is complaining about me being off (am I not allowed a holiday?), the fact she has to pay me two days paid leave annually, the fact I get paid in advance not arrears... etc... you name it, she's complaining about it.

The LAST thing I will do is go on the defensive and justify why I charge what I do and when etc. It's my business, and she either likes it (she did happily sign her contract 6 months ago) or will have to lump it... if she forgets what's in her contract or doesn't read her newsletters then it's her own fault. This lady has given me much grief over the months and it's always her, never the other parents.

My reply to her essay will be:

'Thanks for the email. Your invoice is below...' No heartstring stuff for me. The kids today behaved better than she is imho.

There's always one eh?


  1. There is SO always one!! Good luck with her and have a great vacation!!

  2. Yes there is! I have had to really keep my cool head here. My childcare business practices are standard, and I don't appreciate having them questioned. I am more than fair with her, she is often late dropping off/collecting/paying fees etc. She has semi *apologised* via email, trying to justify her tone with me. I see her tomorrow again - oh well.

    Thanks - cannot wait for the sunshine even more now!!!!