Wednesday, 4 July 2007

This evening, at the Flowers

I just have to laugh!!! I am so housewifey since I am at home more... and this is so typical...

So this is how it went.


Lance phones earlier on... his tooth filling has fallen out... oooh aah..

So wifey the secretary phones around (never been to dentist sice we moved so dont know local ones), to find a doc that isnt NHS (had a horrific scare once at one) but isnt too expensive... finds one... books an appt. First thing tomorrow morning.

Good wife.

Hubby comes home.
Oh dear.

His tooth is sore and his whole mouth is actually enflamed. His eyes are downcast, his shoulders slumped (he's playing the patient well..)

He asks me whats for dinner, I get it ready. He needs fruit juice. I pour it... with much love.

He eats up (good appetite for one with such a sore mouth I note)... then collapses back into the sofa.

Are there any treats he asks? No, I reply.

Oh no, he now has a tenson headache. Can I rub it please?

I rub it... then his eyes are sore. Jen massages his eyeballs (sounds lovely huh) and strokes his hair.

Did you wash my clothes earlier? Yes dear.

He's afraid of the dentist he says. I know, I soothingly say. But it'll be okay. Would you like me to come with you?
No, it's okay he says.

How will I get to work after the dentist? (shame, in his pain and delirium he has forgotten his route to work too..)

He is so shattered he needs to get to bed early, but needs help walking to the bedroom... Jen leads him there and tucks him into bed. Gently of course. Wouldnt want to distress his tooth.

Oh, please dont go he says, his hamstrings are now sore... he throws back the covers so I can massage his hamstrings. Did you know hamstrings actually go into one's back??? I learn something new every day...

Then his back needs a tickle.

Then, with a furrowed brow and a delicate (but tortured) sigh... he closes his eyes.
What a day.

Wifey kisses him goodnight and tiptoes out. Not forgetting to set his alarm clock.

Bless, he can sleep in a bit tomorrow as he's going to the dentist first at 9:00, not leaving at 6:30 for work.

What shall I make him for breakfast? Hmm... it had better be a SOFT egg.

Moral: Man-toothache is always more than mere toothache.

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