Saturday, 21 July 2007

Hubby's birthday!

It's my hubby's birthday today, the big 36!

We were going to visit Arundel Castle in West Sussex, but have had to cancel due to the adverse weather we are having, plus because I am really not well enough to travel.

He doesn't complain though, he is such an easy, unselfish husband. And I am so blessed!

Family have called and texted, and I made him a birthday cake... yes, even amidst my delirium yesterday! Not too sure how I did it as I was feeling so nauseus, but I did it. He seems happy and the cake seems edible :)

He got some Calvin Klein undies (what's a birthday without undies???), and some old war movies... like Dunkirk etc. He loves these.

Also, excitingly, I received my Ofsted Childminding Registration Certificate in the post today. I am so delighted! :)) A real answer to prayer to have received it so soon.

We also received 2 DVDs from Lance's folks re their recent holiday to Vic Falls. His father is with the camcorder what I am with the camera! :) On our travel list for sure. So much to see and do!

Going to sign off and see if the birthday boy needs anything. Another tickle no doubt ;)

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